Digital Finger


About Us

Digital Finger is a collection of people who love to play and create. Our goal is to make fun game loving content that is enjoyable for anybody who shares even the slightest interest in video games and television.




Like many of us, Blamm has been a gamer since day one. His same passion for video games had led to another for stories and storytelling, leading him to Boston local serial sketch and improv comedy group Comedycazi. Blamm has been performing with Comedycazi monthly for five years in venues across the greater Boston area, three of them as their assistant director. Blamm-Zammo hopes to combine his experience and passion for games into a brand new format of fun, with help of Digital Finger co-creator Meiday and ComedyCazi crew.



Level 70 Summoner and Blackmage in Final Fantasy XI and XIV. He loves to play mage type jobs in most video games. You can usually find him in MMO games or in Overwatch FPS game as "Meiday" or "MeiDayMan". While he's logged out from cyber world, he loves to spend his time Animating, Dancing, and playing Music.



The greatest level 100 noob, Min has nothing to offer in the games department. So Min is in the art department, finishing college in art and then leveling up food service, she accepted the quest of Digital Finger. Providing the team with the occasional art, she also acts as a solid secretary providing info and unnessary back seat commentary. On the side, she works to improve her comic making stats.